Do I use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application or just use Excel for my contacts?
Written by Greg Gaffney on 17th Oct 2018

You may be surprised but I would suggest you start using Excel. 

The reason I say this is for the following.

Using Excel is easy and will get you started recording your Contacts and that is the most important thing.

Once your Contacts are in Excel the information is VERY easily migrated to another application.

Excel is excellent for custom fields and filtering. You can categorize your Contacts with Tags like Lead, Prospect, Warm Prospect, Customer or Client. You can then filter on these Tags.
Google Contacts for example does not filter easily.

You can update your Mailchimp no problems by filtering your Excel spreadsheet, copying to a separate csv file and importing to Mailchimp.

Lastly you won’t appreciate what a CRM can do until you have used Excel. 

Where Excel is an excellent place to start it however becomes unwieldy when you have hundreds or even thousands of Contacts with numerous fields like Mobile phone, Office Phone, Work Email, Personal Email, Office address Suburb State Postcode, Home address Suburb State Postcode, Postal Address Suburb State Postcode and many more.

Capsule CRM displays all information in a way which is easy to view and easy to edit.

Below are screen shots from Capsule CRM.
All information is more easily seen and edited.

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