How do I use my CRM for Email Marketing?
Written by Greg Gaffney on 7th Jan 2019
If you wish to communicate you need a list.

One of the most significant features of a CRM is being able to easily generate lists.

As each Contact can have multiple tags this enables you to be very specific about who you wish to have in your list.

This list can then be used by Mailchimp to send out, if need be, hundreds or even thousands of emails personally addressed to each recipient.
When sending large numbers of bulk emails, it is advisable to use a mass mailing program and not your Google or Outlook account as you run the risk of being blacklisted by some Internet providers.

Capsule and Mailchimp Integrate

Mailchimp typically only needs to store Email address and First and Last names of your Contacts. However most importantly it also stores the necessary Tags for each Contact so we can be very specific about who we send our email Campaigns to.

Because Capsule CRM and Mailchimp have an API connection you only have to click on ONE button to sync all your contacts in Capsule to Mailchimp. No need to export and import csv files.

Not all mass mailing emails are about Marketing. It’s important to communicate regularly with your existing Customers and Clients also. You will send Newsletters, Christmas and other Season's greetings, Important Business information and Notifications.

Mailchimp is so popular because it is so commonly used, it's excellent integration with Capsule CRM and it's FREE for up to 2,000 Contacts!

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