Does a CRM do anything else?
Is it just a glorified Address Book?
Written by Greg Gaffney on 6th Nov 2018
The most important feature of a CRM is recording detailed information about Contacts, Prospects and Clients.

It is good practice to record, against each person, all information obtained from meetings and phone calls.

This includes important details such as:
Pain points which exist in their business.
The desired direction they wish their business to move in.
Obstacles and challenges they are facing.
Issues you promised to follow-up on subsequent to the meeting.

You will also attach to each person all relevant email communication.
If you are selling or providing Professional Services, you will be meeting and speaking with both Prospects and Clients more than once.
When you have a follow-up with someone you do not want to be asking the same questions again!

What people want most is to know they have been heard and the consultant understands their situation as well or better than them.

The CRM provides you, as a businessperson or consultant, the vital information to progress someone who may be a Prospect and converting them to a Client.

Finally, with this information centralised in a CRM it can be accessed from any device and also easily shared with administration staff.

Greg Gaffney

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